Educational Fair Use for Homeschoolers

Articles on Educational Fair Use

Theft by Any Other Name
By Tammy M. Cardwell
This article looks specifically at copying workbooks and other consumable printed material.

More Information about Educational Fair Use

Fair Use Analysis Tool
Use this form to conduct a thorough four-factor review of your proposed use. It is a tool intended to assure that you examine all factors surrounding the circumstances of your proposed use.

Fair Use Analysis Worksheet
Worksheet explains the four factors of fair use with a checklist for analyzing these four factors in a specific instance of educational copying.

Fair Use in the K-12 Digital Classroom
A flash presentation on fair use with a pre-test and instructional sections.

Fair Use of Copyright in the K-12 Classroom
Slide shows, copyright case study scenarios and teacher tips.

Regents Guide to Understanding Copyright & Educational Fair Use
The Guide to Copyright and Fair Use is the result of the work completed by the University System Committee on Copyright. The guide provides illustrative examples of Fair Use and the legal background of copyright law. Highly recommended reading.

Reproduction of Copyrighted Works by Educators and Librarians
US Copyright Office document with information on fair use.

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