What should homeschoolers know about copyright law?

Articles on Copyright

Do you know your (copy)rights?
By Susan Spann
An explanation of the rights granted to copyright holders.

One more time, without the oops” Avoiding Copyright Infringement
By Susan Spann
"Infringement, the legal term for violating the rights of a copyright holder, is a form of theft.  Unlike other forms of theft, such as burglary and embezzlement, many people tolerate and even practice infringement despite an otherwise Christian worldview."

Ollie Ollie Oxen Free! Defenses to Trademark Infringement
By Susan Spann
(Defenses to copyright infringement Part I)
Unauthorized use of copyrighted material constitutes infringement.  Authorized use is not infringement, even if the copyright holder has not given specific consent to the use in question.

Life’s Not Fair – But Certain Uses Are
By Susan Spann
(Defenses to copyright infringement, Part II)

Parody: It’s Only Funny ‘till Someone Loses a Lawsuit
By Susan Spann
Defenses to Copyright Infringement, Part III

What About Those Veggie Tales?
By Susan Spann
Veggie Tales and parody, an example.

Have you ever had an idea?
By Susan Spann
Discusses the different aspects of intellectual property rights.

Can I copyright my Blog?
By Susan Spann
Susan explains the ins and outs of copyright in relationship to blogs.

"12 and Unaware"
By Susan Spann
Deals with parental responsibilities for children's actions when they download from the Internet.

And Justice for All
By Susan Spann
Grokster and peer to peer file sharing.

Are You My Mommy? - Searching Works at the Copyright Office
By Susan Spann
Answers the questions, "Is there a way to research the copyright status of a work without the assistance of an attorney?"

Is your avatar a defendant?
By Susan Spann
"In Blogspeak, Avatars are small images that appear at the top of the blog and serve as a representation of the blogger or the blogger's interests.But avatars also present a dangerous opportunity for copyright infringement."

Information about Copyright Law

Complete version of the U.S. Copyright Law
Produced by the US Copyright Office.

Copyright Basics
US government circular covering the basics of copyright law. This is an up-to-date publication.

Know Homeschooling's Wiki on Copyright
A place for homeschoolers to create their own information resource on copyright.

US Copyright Office
U.S. Copyright Office is an office of public record for copyright registration and deposit of copyright material.

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